A little bit about me...

Once upon a time, there was girl who dreamed of becoming a photographer for Sports Illustrated. She figured, there likely wasn't a chance of actually playing major league baseball (mostly because she grew up playing on a smaller diamond) or in the NFL (something about being tackled didn't appeal) so why not put together two things that she loved - photography and sports!  Well, fast forward a bit and though she certainly wouldn't shy away from jumping onto the sideline if given the opportunity today, she has discovered over the years that it doesn't quite matter whether she is photographing a game winning touchdown, a couple saying "I do" or a family trying to make each other laugh, it's the people she loves.  Yup, that little girl is me and capturing special moments in people's lives that will turn into a life time of memories - there is truly nothing better!



You check out their portfolio, read the reviews and discuss pricing but the most important thing in choosing the right photographer for your event is whether or not you click (see what I did there?).  I'm full of corny jokes to make you smile, I'm an expert at boring babies to sleep and I have no problem laying on the ground or standing on furniture for the best angle but that's just the beginning. Here are a few fun facts about me that might paint a better picture (yup, another corny pun): 

1.  I was born and raised in Massachusetts until I migrated south in 2006 to avoid shoveling snow.

2.  I'm a huge sports fan and, as a result of the above statement, I am a diehard Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins fan by nature.

3.  I'm a avid cyclist (road not mountain), I run on occasion, I've participated in several muddy obstacle course races and GoRuck events and now I'm officially addicted to Camp Gladiator.

4.  I love to travel and my favorite trip (so far) was my cruise to the Greek Isles and Croatia but, stateside, Sedona was incredible!

5.  My favorite animal is a pig.  Miss. Piggy was a fan favorite growing up and though some people collect shot glasses from wherever they travel, I collect little pigs.

6.  When I'm not shooting I'm also a legal assistant and have been in the legal field for 20 years (hard to believe since I'm still in my 30's!)

7.  I have 2 Goddaughters, 6 "nephews" and a brand new "niece" that I spoil as if that's my job.

8.  I'm a middle child - one brother 10 months older, one sister 10 years younger.

9.  My favorite colors are green and blue.

10.  I would never subject another person to my lack of singing skills doing karaoke but if there's a Lip Sync Battle - I'm in!