The Pursser Family

When mom and dad show up for family photos in outfits that coordinate perfectly with 4 boys who match top to bottom, you know you’re in for some serious cuteness! We started with a evening with a little fun at the park and ended up splashing away on the beach at sunset. I’m so glad Mother Nature cooperated and gave us such a beautiful night!


Bailie Family Ireland Celebration

It all started in July of 2017 when this adorable couple invited me to capture their cuteness with engagement photos and then an intimate family wedding ceremony in St. Pete. From there, the Bailies announced that a new addition to their family would be arriving in October of 2018 so I had the pleasure of setting up a photoshoot before they welcomed Baby Bailie into the world. Joanna Kristine arrived and just a few weeks later, we were all off to Ireland for a wedding reception over a year in the making! 30+ family members and friends of the Bailies took over the Belle Isle Castle in Lisbellaw, Northern Ireland. To say it was the trip of a lifetime would be an understatement! We had a portrait session with the happy couple, a family photo shoot with Baby Joanna by the fireplace, a fun filled evening with a murder mystery masquerade ball and a wedding reception the following night that most people can only dream of! Mother Nature didn’t exactly want to cooperative on wedding day but that didn’t stop the Bailies from heading outside, ditching their umbrellas and embracing the pouring rain…because they were in front of their castle! What an amazing couple of days to say the least!


Katie & David

Even though their big day is almost a year away, the future bride and I couldn’t wait to set up this adorable couple’s engagement session. Weeks and weeks ago we narrowed down the date, finalized the location and time and we were good to go. Who would have thought that we would have picked the exact date, time and location of a holiday parade and festival that closed half the roads in downtown Tampa? Not to worry though, Mother Nature cooperated and our wonderful assistant brought along flats for the future bride so we walked here, there and everywhere and had a blast doing it! These two are just too cute and I already can’t wait for their big day!


Rylie's 1!!!

I’ve been lucky enough to capture all sorts of memories over the years. Whether major life events like weddings or maternity sessions or major sporting events like the Boston Marathon, I cover each and every event with a big smile on my face. This event however, this one just made me giggle from start to finish. Seriously, could this girlie (or her big brother Zach) be any cuter? Happy 1st Birthday Miss Rylie!!


Mommy, Daddy and Baby Bailie

From engagement photos to wedding day to now getting ready to meet Baby Bailie - I can’t say enough about how excited I am to have been asked to capture it all! These two are just the cutest! I can’t wait for Baby Joanna’s first photo shoot at home…and her second in Ireland in December!


Tiff & Ricky's Big Day - March 29, 2018

I've had the pleasure of photographing all sorts of weddings over the years but this one was definitely one of my favorites!  Sure I'll admit that I was sort of "cheating" a bit on this one since I've known the bride and groom and their families for years but that only made this night more special. There truly are few things better then watching two people who couldn't be more perfect for each other exchange vows with smiles on their faces and happy tears in their eyes!  An amazing couple, some adorable kiddos, two incredible families coming together and a wedding party that'll keep you laughing for days - talk about the perfect combination!  Congratulations Shannons!!